Introducing Lethbridge, Imaginary Friend

As many of you know, I love making handmade gifts, handmade card, writing letters – put a pen in my hand and I’m in heaven. Like many, probably everyone, I love to express myself and this is how.

a little page with a few illustrations

I did several children’s literature papers at the University of Canterbury back in the day and before then I had created little picture book prototypes for my then young daughter, including stories that I had made up when I was a very young woman. One of my books was about a hen called Granny (based on a real life incident) is displayed here.

I recently dug out one of my prototypes and published it as a picture book, Lethbridge (Imaginary Friend).

It’s a sweet story encouraging use of imagination and creative problem solving for its young readers and is an allegory about creativity for adults.  Lethbridge and their new friend are ideas people – for every issue they come across in life, there is the perfect solution, which Lethbridge is happy to carry out in a practical way.

It’s available on Amazon, and there is also a special Collector’s Edition available from my very small publishing house.

Here’s the read-along:

I’m so excited to finally have released this little project out into the world, it brought so much joy to me when I created it, I was once the little purple-haired girl, who felt very different and wanted the love and protection of a caring friend.  My daughter also enjoyed the story when she was a little girl, we spent many happy hours reading it together.

I hope you enjoy my story and illustrations and here’s where to buy it if you are interested.

Wait, there’s more!

I could not resist using the surface patterns in this book to create fabric and wallpaper!  As well as other merchandise.  The list of products is available to view at the lethbridge website collection section, and the fabric and wallpaper collection was previously available at my Spoonflower shop but as I am currently moving to a new supplier, fabric and wallpaper is now only available by telephoning me to order directly.  Please go to the Lethbridge contact page for my details.