Tutorials – how to stitch and other things you need to know

Or, Tutorials and other life lessons.

Not quite life lessons, but knowing some basic stitches will get you a long way in life in my opinion.  So I thought the various things I have to teach could be put on this page for easy reference.  In some semblance of order even.  The designs I work on in the tutorials may not be what you are working on necessarily at the same time.  Although that could be remedied in the future, time permitting.

Here is a link to my youtube channel so you can see what else I’ve got, for example colourising experiments which didn’t quite work, stitch-alongs, competition winners, and more is bound to be added (as only tutorials are listed on this page).

Basic stitch tutorials

Watch the stitch tutorial playlist above or, in case of technical issues, watch it on youtube.
The tutorials included in the stitch tutorials playlist are listed here.

1. How To Put Fabric on an Embroidery Hoop – super quick. (approx 2 mins)

2. How To Transfer a PDF Design to Embroidery Fabric – super quick. (approx 2 mins)

3. How To Do Running Stitch – super quick. (approx 2 mins)

4. How To Do Back Stitch – super quick. (approx 2 mins)

5. How To Do Whipped Stitch – super quick. (approx 3 mins)

6. How To Do Seed Stitch – super quick. (approx 2 mins)

7. How To Do Chain Stitch – super quick. (approx 2 mins)

8. How To Do Satin Stitch – super quick. (approx 2 mins)

9. How To Do Long and Short Stitch – super quick. (approx 2 mins)

10. How To Do Star Stitch – super quick. (approx 1 min)

11. The Easy Way to Back an Embroidery Hoop. (approx 4 mins)

Bonus tutorial(s)

How to Colourise Fabric (the DIY approach to pre-printed samplers) (approx 6 mins)