My Legacy

Flashback Post

Above is the logo for my home made boardgame, named Legacy. The dove is bringing beauty to the world. Look how far it’s come.

Can you believe, I will be 40 in 22-23 days, depending where you are in the world.

Last night we had visitors for dinner and we played Legacy, the board game we invented. It is such a funny game. We were in stitches. My life in the game went something like this:
Ages 0 – 10: Grew up with lots of opportunities but was idle.
10 – 19: Hung out with the wannabes.
20 – 29: Became a plastic surgeon.
30 – 39: Married a stay-at-home spouse, and we had lots of children. Then we went to marriage counselling, but he became a criminal, and I lived in fear. Then our house burned down, and I became a single mum with two kids.
40 – 49: I drew the card which said I’d raised my teenagers to be dependent. (Great)
50 – 59: I had a 9 – 5 job but no savings and lived for Friday nights. Then I met a famous philanthropist, which was supposed to inspire me, but instead I drew the card which said I had chosen to be a fraudster with a gambling problem.
60 – 69: Then, I drew the card which said I spent my retirement partying at the casino, “occasionally generous but mostly broke and a worry to my family.”

It was so funny how I just kept drawing all the bad cards. But I still got enough points to leave a Legacy. So, among the Legacy cards I chose, there I was, choosing a legacy where I managed to solve a difficult mathematical theorum that had puzzled people for centuries. The other players laughed because they said I did it so that I could figure out how to beat the odds while I was gambling. It was such a hilarious game, and such an O.T.T life.

But in reality, I am *just* a single mum from Christchurch. However, every one of us can leave a legacy. What is yours?

Originally published in the early 2000s.