Upholstery for fun and profit

I have had an interest going way back into using my own designs on furniture. When I was a young single woman living in rented accommodation with used furniture, I would often upcycle my sofas and armchairs by dying fabric and painting great big designs on them which I would cover my furniture with.

I just love colour and boldness. One day I came back from a trip to another country and my best friend had painted all my furniture a beautiful musky red/pink/fuscia. It was wonderful. Out of all the furniture I ever owned, this pink bedroom set is the one I remember so fondly.

And here I am today with my own designs on drapes and upholstered furniture. Recently at an upholstery workshop, I covered an old chair which has a coffee table attached as a side rest, from the era of the 1950s. I used a plain fabric, because I want to accessorise with bold statement pieces such as bright pillows, possibly a loud “feature wall.”

I can do it for you too. Please get in touch if you love my style and want me to design a piece for you to use on one of the many different kinds of fabric available nowadays. Or maybe you have a drab piece of furniture you want to really wake up. Any design I create can be one of a kind exclusively for you or it can be one of the designs I already have in my growing collections. If you or someone you know can see that my style would be a right fit for you, please do get in touch.

some pillows I made with my recurring vase motif, Food for the Soul

The motif of the vase, which I call Food for the Soul, has recurred in a lot of my art, and has tulips typically in a vase very similar to one which my mother made many years ago.

It will not be surprising that Food for the Soul, a symbol of enriching beauty, again features in a new design I Wish, so far with three colourways, and completely non-directional which is perfect for upholstery. “I wish you love, happiness and beauty” is the projection of I Wish. This design uses the O from my font juleslove (get it free for personal use here or buy the font pack which has a basic commercial use licence included) to represent love; the Food for the Soul vase of tulips, which is everywhere on this site including in the favicon, represents beauty; and the bluebird of happiness, (a recurring motif I have used for many years also as a white dove, which was the symbol of my homemade boardgame called Legacy), offering the gift of beauty in its beak, represents creative happiness. See the I wish collection for fabric and wall paper, and for other household items.

“I wish you love, happiness and beauty”.