Paisley Evolution card success!

You wonderful person! You’ve successfully purchased from the Limited Edition Paisley Evolution card offer! Thanks so much! You will make someone else (besides Jules, who lovingly selected the high quality paper and beautiful watercolours and took the time to create this work of art) delighted.

Please don’t forget if you’d like a message in your card (up to 40 words) to fill in the form below.

Specify where you’d like the message written:

On the inside cover.
On the inside part of the card.
On the outside flap.
On the back.
Or even on the front where the design is.

Also if you’d like me to hold off on posting your card, then check out NZ Post’s postage arrival guidelines to let me know when you want it to leave New Zealand’s shores.  Obviously this is outside of my control since the arrival guidelines set by the New Zealand postal service are only estimates.  If you would like to pay for Fed Ex or another international courier service, you may arrange to do this.  Please fill out the form and contact me via the details you will receive in the return email to discuss.