Do you love colour?

Delicate Locomotive – imagine this as wall paper.  

Do you love colour?  If so there is a website for you.  It is Colour Lovers!1

I have discovered an amazing artist at who creates patterns: the sort that I love, like this gorgeous, swirly, almost paisley like pattern and the sort that would look adorable on cushions, or a silk robe, or a gent’s tie, or a blouse… Create your own palette, then colour any pattern you take a fancy to. I love colourlovers!2

The pattern I made is called Delicate Locomotive3. If you want to use the same pattern, just click under the pattern where it says color this pattern
The pattern creator is: AnneClairedelune4

  1. Colourlovers has become less beautiful to use since their site has so much advertising on it and robots etc, but the core of the site remains the same if you can look beyond their ads and understand their essential and justified need to make a living.
  2. If you want to follow me on colour lovers, my link is:
  3. Delicate Locomotive is still at ColourLovers here:
  4. is a webmaster and RPG player based in Paris, who has been a member of ColourLovers since Feb 2013.