8 Word Mission – why?

Eight is a lucky number.

It looks like the symbol for infinity.  I also sell 8 fonts in my julesart 8 font pack.

I wanted to sum up the way I (want to) do everything in four important areas of life.

I summed them up, but I also left a lot to personal interpretation: for example, how does one Love Uniquely?  Personally I like to share with my loved ones in unique way, by giving a part of myself.  Giving something I designed and created with my own thoughts/ideas which I executed into reality is a unique way to give a loving part of myself, which hopefully will bring joy to the recipient (and myself, because everything one does with love benefits oneself).

The areas of life I consider the four most important are home/garden, friends/family, learning/growth and work/creativity.

See what I did there.  Those are technically eight.

Live simply, love uniquely, learn abundantly, create beauty.

That is my 8 word mission statement.

What is yours?