This will be my youtube channel.  I hope to post updates, videos of art that I am working on for and tutorials about my fonts.  I don’t have a customised url yet but hopefully I will before too long.

So please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Madonna did the right thing by me

Or how to figure out whether the personal use licence is right for you Three examples of correct usage of the personal use permission which comes in the zipped up file of free fonts So in one of my pinterest boards, I collect examples of uses of my fonts.  Obviously I don’t have every single useage,…

8 Word Mission – why?

Eight is a lucky number It looks like the symbol for infinity.  I also sell 8 fonts in my julesart 8 font pack. I wanted to sum up the way I (want to) do everything in four important areas of life. I summed them up, but I also left a lot to personal interpretation: for example,…