Art Saves Lives!

In case you don’t know, my book Art Saves Lives: Unique Gifts and Abundant Creative Ideas is now for sale on Amazon kindle.  In a nutshell, it is about my journey as an artist and how I use gift-making to nurture abundant creative ideas!

The most affordable version to buy is the kindle one, providing you can view it on the kindle app on your ipad, phone, computer or other non-black and white device, so that you can see the images in glorious colour.

The paperback is nice to have too, and obviously I’ve ordered a copy, but the images are in black and white.  So in case you are a collector of books and would like to see the images large and in full colour, please read on…


A selection of drawings in black pen from a gift I made, Three Little Poems.

Small booklet cover and sample drawing in coloured pencil, Love Poem.

Three different gifts: a quote book, a book of poems, and seed pouch book with poem.

Cover/inside cover writing from quote book, with a heart-shaped stone sewn on.

A selection of gifts and cards clockwise from top left:
sunflower seed poem book with felt pouch of seeds, felted dolls, quote book, Mother’s Day card, quote book, poem book.

Cover and dedication page of Three Little Poems which were collected from a poetry book given to my grandmother, Lily, by my grandfather for Christmas 1916. Uncle John lent the book to me.

Cover and title page of collection of historical marriage stories from several generations of my family.

A quote from one gift and the back page credits from another. I wrote the name of one of my handwritten fonts, as mostly the text in my books is my own handwriting.

This vase, with flowers or without, is a recurring motif which I use, from my paintings in a group exhibition, which were all called Food for the Soul.

Samples of my fonts’ use, clockwise from top left,
my own use, Madonna, my own handwriting, H&M t-shirt, Pumpkin Patch, Creme magazine.

My daughter Felicity illustrated our own version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Left: Plans and notes for my gift. Right: the finished gift, With Every Leaf A Miracle.

A book of handmade paper and art paper illustrating a dream I had, called One Dream.