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So you know the story, there was once an arty kid who loved to write and draw.  If you want the formal version you can go here or if you’d like the informal, personal and colourful version, you could download my story, Art Saves Lives on Amazon kindle.

Next thing, the fonts were all over the internet so I made some more, plus little chapbooks and other arty things.

I still make little chapbooks and other gifts, as well as design fabric and gift-wrap.  I love to write personalised messages for the recipients of the things I sell in my shop. What will be in the shop next month?

Live simply, love uniquely, learn abundantly, create beauty.

Those are the guidelines I live my life by.  Without a doubt I do live simply, the way I love is most definitely unique, I have never stopped learning and I compulsively create beauty every single day.

Thank you for your interest in this journey of mine.