Don’t you love sharing, making and talking about your art and creative stuff?  I definitely do and that’s why I’m so happy you’ve landed right here with me.

Heart of Jules is the home of my Julesart fonts, including free (for personal use) fonts1 JulesLove and julesgirltalk (the lowercase only font, where upper case are dingbats). You can now purchase in my shop the julesart 8 font pack (comes with a basic commercial use of fonts licence2), which features the widely-used font jules-te-reo – you may have used it on the wonderful photo-editing app, Ribbet.

I’m also excited to offer limited edition handwritten and hand-painted gifts3 which I personally created, 100% original and truly from the “heart of Jules”. Each month new creations are released and you can even get gifts with a personalised message handwritten by me in my own nervous, a little shaky handwriting, gift-wrapped in my specially designed paper and I can deliver it from my country home where I am based in New Zealand to the recipient of your choice anywhere in the world.  So if you have a loved one who is a fan of any of my artwork or fonts, this could be their dream gift.  However as I only have time to do a few each month, you had better get in quick when I release them into the shop (at the start of each month) if you really want one.

I am also a fabric designer4 and I’m an organic gardening teacher (more about that soon).

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  1. Free fonts are available on the navigation menu: fonts
  2. Read the details about the basic commercial use of fonts here
  3. the first limited edition handwritten and hand-painted gifts released November 2018 in the shop
  4. I have a little collection of work available on a wide variety of fabrics, gift wrap and wallpaper at Spoonflower